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Western Materials

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Aggregate Material Solutions for Property & Development

Western Materials can handle all of your aggregate material needs. Whether you're a do it yourselfer or in need of qualified operators to help make your project a success; we've got what you need. Our highly skilled team can handle any job; from small to large private property development projects. We have a wide array of aggregate materials to pick from, which can be of specific use for each project situation or development.  Additionally available: sand, granite, landscape boulders, and rip rap; are some of the materials that are available in a variety of colors at Western Materials.


Our commitment is professional expertise and knowledge with our materials and clear transparent communication with our customers and their projects.

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"From Driveways To Highways

We've Got You Covered"

See our FAQ page to address questions you may have regarding our materials and services.

Or call us and one of our qualified materials experts will be glad to assist you.

Western Materials is here to assist with your projects;  Call us at (928) 532-8361.

Our sales staff and estimating department can help you with choosing the right materials and proper installation

Sand, Cinders, Basalt, Granite, Crushed Rock, Dirty Screened, River Rock - Uses:

  • driveways

  • paving

  • roadways

  • road base

  • parking areas

  • landscaping

  • leach lines

  • bedding

  • shading

  • horse corrals

  • arenas

  • walkways

  • playgrounds

​Topsoil uses:

  • gardens

  • flower beds

  • lawns

Rip Rap - uses:

  • landscaping

  • erosion control

  • ditch lining

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