Western Materials - FAQ'S

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Frequently asked questions:

Q- Can you spread the material?

  • Our trucks can do a pretty decent tailgate spread as long as there are no trees, powerlines, or any other overhead in the way, and the driver feels comfortable doing so. You will however still have to do some of the spreading yourself.  Please keep in mind that in the winter if the material has frozen it is more difficult to spread, and will spread less evenly. We do have the equipment and highly trained operators to completely spread/level out your driveway and the material if you are interested in that as well.

Q- What if I don’t know how much material I need?

  • You can call one of our experts in our main office and they would be more than happy to walk you through the steps and calculations to figure that out. We also do free estimates and could send an estimator out to get you the quantities you need.

Q- I got material for my driveway a few years ago, if I get a new product will it be the same color?

  • Unfortunately, the color of the material will most likely not be exactly the same. These products are naturally produced not manmade products. If color is something you are worried about you are more than welcome to visit our pit located off of Bourdon Ranch road to take a look before you order any material.

Q- Do you offer any sort of Military discount?

  • Yes, we do. We proudly offer a 10% Veterans discount and would like to say thank you for your service.

Q- Who do I call for questions or ordering?

  • Please call 928.532.8361 to speak to a materials expert today!